11th Swiss Veterinary Days

Team STT 2024
Date:24. – 26. April 2024
Location:Congress Center Basel, Halle 4.0
Messeplatz 21, 4041 Basel

At the 11th Swiss Veterinary Days there will be lots of new things to discover at our booth!

We present Live:

HT Vista cancer screening

HT Vista® Version 3.5 - the latest software version of the screening tool for cutaneous and subcutaneous masses in dogs.

HT Vista® offers the only non-invasive technology to support an early screening of lumps and bumps in dogs and to rule out cancer. The latest software version has a sensitivity of 90% with an NPV of 98%.

HT Vista® is used worldwide and thousands of dogs have been scanned. The technology has been validated through peer-reviewed studies. Leading oncologists are involved in its continuous development, including Swiss participation.

Experience for yourself how quickly and easily a result can be obtained in 5-10 minutes to assess the malignancy of a skin mass.

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Multi Radiance Laser - Multi Radiance® is the technology leader in the development of therapy lasers. Originally launched in human medicine and physiotherapy in 2004, the lasers have also been known in veterinary medicine for 13 years, whether for small animals, equines, farm animals, exotic animals, or wild animals. The Multi Radiance lasers are used worldwide by vets, physiotherapists and in equestrian and dog sports.

Whether for treating infected wounds, combating antibiotic resistance, injuries, improving tissue healing, treating pain, preparing for sport events or treating chronic problems, the lasers deliver fast and successful results. Laser therapy with Multi Radiance lasers is safe and has no known side effects.

Convince yourself of the unique patented technology that can send laser pulses in the nanosecond range and thus deliver more photon energy, deeper into the tissue, without thermally overloading tissue but always in the right dosage.

Multi Radiance® technology has been validated by over 60 proprietary and peer-reviewed studies. All lasers are FDA approved and the Class 1 lasers are FEI approved for competition use.

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WellVu®- Multi Radiance® entered into a new partnership with the leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, DigaTherm®, and now offers the cameras under the WellVu® brand.

Imagine if we could flip a switch in our eyes and see the people or animals around us not only as a visual image, but also as a thermal image. Like a weather map, we can see at a glance where it is cool and where it is hot.

The cameras can be used for routine examinations, for preventive care, to assess injuries or restrictions of the musculoskeletal system, to monitor therapeutic measures or to monitor the course of treatment and much more.

WellVu®'s thermal technology has been validated with in-house and peer-reviewed studies. All cameras have FDA approval and are uncomplicated and easy to use. Our team of experts ensures that the necessary knowledge for interpreting the images is available.

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Spectral Blue®- Too good to be true! That's a phrase we've been hearing more and more often since we started working with LED Tailor® on their new Spectral Blue® disinfection technology.

Automatically disinfect rooms, surfaces and air without chemical disinfectants, UV light, health risks and side effects - this is possible with the new patented blue light disinfection technology from Spectral Blue®! Blue Light Desinfection Technology by SpectralBlue®!

Whether permanently installed or mobile, we have the right solution for every room and purpose to keep critical rooms, workplaces, sanitary facilities and much more continuously germ-free.

The disinfection technology of Spectral Blue® has been validated by peer-reviewed studies. The effectiveness of blue light in combating microbes has been proven in thousands of studies and research projects. The lights work automatically via mobility detectors and disinfection times can be logged via apps. Spectral Blue® technology is sustainable, risk-free, and long-lasting - get to know next-generation disinfection management.

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Exhibition offers

During the exhibition you can get to know all the products live and benefit from our attractive special conditions!

Expert talk

Mark Strong, Business Development Manager Europe at Multi Radiance, has successfully built up the veterinary sector for laser therapy and will be on site at our stand at the 11th Swiss Veterinary Days. Come and discuss questions about science, technology and the worldwide use of Multi Radiance lasers for a large variety of species.