Why do I examine every lump or bump in dogs?

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Live webinar with Dr. med. vet., Katja Ruess-Melzer, specialist in oncology and internal medicine

Date:6. März 2024
Location:Live Webinar
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Timely examination of lumps and bumps can make a decisive contribution to the success of cancer treatment. There are various methods of examination, some of which have proven more effective than others in my many years of practice.

In this free webinar Dr. Katja Ruess will share her experiences with you.

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Dr. med. vet. Katja Ruess, Dipl. ACVIM Dipl. ACVIM with a specialization in oncology and internal medicine, has built up the oncology department at Marigin, Center for Veterinary Medicine, since 2017. Prior to this, she was Head of Medical Oncology at the AOI Center, Hünenberg / Zug for 9 years. Dr. Katja Ruess has over 20 years of experience in the examination and assessment of lumps and bumps and has been participating in the studies for the further development of HT Vista since August 2023.


  • Introduction: Why do I examine every dermal or subcutaneous mass?
  • Should you rely on examination methods such as palpation or visual inspection?
  • How can age, breed and gender be taken into account in an assessment?
  • Are there skin tumors that can mutate?
  • What is screening and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional methods such as FNA, biopsy or immediate removal of the dermal or subcutaneous tumor?
  • What has been my experience with HT Vista screening during my study participation?
  • How do I deal with the results of the HT Vista screening?
  • For whom and when would it make sense to use a screening tool such as HT Vista?
  • Are there any new data from the HT Vista studies and what do they prove?
  • Questions and answers (if not already answered in chat)

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