Spectral Blue

Next-generation disinfection technology

Touch-free, chemical-free and UV-free disinfection with visible blue light

Breakthroughs in LED technology have enabled the creation of highly efficient disinfection devices utilizing antimicrobial blue light (aBL).

Spectral Blue™ is a touch-free, UV-free, and chemical-free blue light disinfection system for cleanrooms, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.

Desinfection with Spectral Blue™ can be fully automated and logged without compromise.

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Spectral Blue™

  • Much faster effect and more energy-efficient than old single-wavelength systems.
  • Activates several light-absorbing compounds at the same time, not just one.
  • Affects a much wider range of microbes, including multi-resistant strains.
  • Does not promote the development of antimicrobial resistance.
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Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light is a patented technology that combines two or more antimicrobial blue light wavelengths with high intensity: 405 nm + 430-470 nm.

MWHI technology was developed and patented by LED Tailor and is used exclusively in Spectral Blue™ devices.

The UV-free, LED-based MWHI light eradicates all bacteria, yeasts, and molds while remaining entirely safe for people, animals and materials. It is designed for continuous room disinfection and is effective against biofilms and multi-resistant strains.

Watch the Video to understand the workings of MWHI technology.


Spectral Blue is 100% safe for people, animals and materials and the most sustainable disinfection method MWHI blue light inactivates microbes indirectly by activating light-absorbing compounds found inside microbial cells. Human cells do not contain these compounds and blue light does not harm human cells or DNA. Therefore there is no risk to employees’ skin.

The photobiological eye safety of Spectral Blue devices has been tested according to IEC 62471:2006, IEC TR 62778:2014 (Blue Light Hazard test). Spectral Blue devices are classified as RG1 (Low risk group, RG1 unlimited): They cause no risk to employees’ eyes in normal use and no safety measures or safety labels are required. However, as with any LED light source, the bright devices must not be looked at directly.

Advantages of (MWHI) technology:
  • Patented, next-generation technology for automated and continuous disinfection of whole rooms.
  • Trusted by professionals in laboratories, clinics, veterinary clinics and healthcare and much more...
  • Cleverer than chemicals and UV light, but without the risks.
  • Blue light is visible and functionality is therefore recognizable at a glance.
  • 100% sustainable and durable.
  • 100% safe for animals, humans and materials.
  • Automated operation.
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Plug-In devices

Plug & play disinfection devices for laboratories and clinics.

In addition to permanently installed light systems, the mobile devices can be integrated quickly and easily for any kind of application.

The Plug&Play devices are the easiest to use. They can be installed on ceilings or walls or simply moved to the desired location using built-in wheels. Depending on requirements, low-power devices for overnight disinfection or high-performance systems can offer a decisive advantage in terms of safety and sterility.

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Development and manufacturing

Spectral Blue™ by LED Tailor®

Spectral Blue™ by LED Tailor® is a Finnish life science company specializing in the development and production of chemical-free disinfection solutions based on visible blue light.

All products are developed in Finland. Continuous research and development is carried out in an extensive international network of experts. LED Tailor® is the first European company to offer disinfection solutions based on blue light.