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Treatment Elzarena by Alex Jutzi

Case study of the successful therapy of a suspensory ligament injury

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Elzarena, a 14 year old female show jumper injures the suspensory ligament on her right front leg mid-October 2023 for unknown reasons. The main symptoms are lameness, heat and swelling. At a first veterinary examination (22.10.23) Metacam is prescribed (10 days). There is no significant improvement.

A further examination for a second opinion by Dr. Diego Gygax from Dalchenhof (13.11.23) follows. After a lameness test and an ultrasound examination, an acute strain of the suspensory ligament with part of the medial interosseous muscle on the right front leg is diagnosed.

The forecast for a possible return to show jumping is 40%.

Testimonial Video

Alexandra Jutzi from Equine Therapy and Janis Schneebeli from Rossrüti Sports Stables talk about their experience with laser therapy in the treatment of a suspensory ligament injury.

This case study shows how therapy and natural healing processes can be supported effectively and successfully with the help of Multi Radiance therapy lasers.
Many thanks for the testimonial to Alexandra and Janis and all the best for the further build-up training with Elzarena!

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