Unleash the Power of Blue Light with Dr. Iker Asteinza, DVM, MSc

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Date:27th February 2023
Location:Webinar from Multi Radiance
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The Power of Blue Light: Unleashing Potency Against Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs)

Presented by Dr. med. vet. Iker Asteinza, DVM, MSc

dr. iker asteinza

Antibiotic resistance is a large problem in veterinary medicine. Given that veterinary medicine is thought to be responsible for half of all antimicrobial use1 , veterinary professionals are poised to play a pivotal role in preserving this critical treatment option for future use by exploring alternative options now. One promising option for combatting MDROs is the application of blue light. Laser and/or light therapy has been used for decades in veterinary medicine for healing, pain relief, and improved mobility - but blue light is particularly well-suited for wound management and infection control.

In this free webinar, organized by Multi Radiance , join Dr. Iker Asteinza to learn about the emerging role of blue light and its advantages in the battle against MDROs. Dr. Asteinza will review current challenges with treating infections caused by MDROs and discuss how blue light can help.

Learning objectives include:

  • Analyze current challenges and emphasize the need for treating infections caused by MDROs with innovative approaches and emerging technologies.
  • Introduction to blue light technology, highlighting its safety, efficacy, and applications in medical settings.
  • Explain the mechanism of action of the blue light against bacteria and the unique benefits it offers compared to other treatments.
  • Integration of blue light protocols in daily medical practice, both in hospital settings and other healthcare environments.

About the Presenter

Dr. Iker Asteinza is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with more than 20 years of experience in private practice. He is the founder and owner of Animal Home, a multi-location, highly-specialized small animal veterinary hospital that employs more than 35 veterinarians and specialists.

As an Associate Professor in the Small Animal Department at Universidad Del Valle de México and a founding member of the board of the Mexican Association of Veterinary Hospitals (AHMVET), Dr. Asteinza is passionate about education. He is also a Medical Advisory Board Member for Multi Radiance and lectures internationally about practice management, marketing, and everyday laser therapy use in veterinary medicine.

1 Teuber M. (2001). Veterinary use and antibiotic resistance. Current opinion in microbiology, 4(5), 493–499, see abstract on ScienceDirect

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