Multi Radiance Lasers in Switzerland

Multi Radiance distribution contract signed

P12 Medical GmbH is granted the exclusive right to distribute Multi Radiance lasers for veterinary medicine in Switzerland.

Multi Radiance is the market leader in laser therapy with the most powerful and safest lasers for treatments in veterinary and human medicine. The leading technology is the result of years of research, studies and continuous development.

Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director P12 Medical GmbH

With Multi Radiance , we have gained another innovative partner for the Swiss market. Multi Radiance's lasers achieve peak energy outputs of up to 200,000 mW using the unique technology of (True) Super Pulsing . With (True) Super Pulsing, the maximum density of photons is sent deep into the tissue in a controlled manner and in the correct dosage during the respective treatment. Damaged cells, muscles, ligaments, tendons or even bones can be treated safely and without side effects such as harmful heating."

How the the founder and CEO of Multi Radiance, Max Karnasky himself says: "We have created a paradox: our lasers deliver maximum energy, but no heat!"

With Multi Radiance lasers, we can offer veterinarians and therapists a new technology with many new applications and treatment options. In particular, the use of the blue wavelength opens up new ways of effectively fighting infections in times of increasing antibiotic resistance.

Multi Radiance lasers are available on the Swiss market since January 2024 onwards.