HT Vista® Test Week from March 6 to 10, 2023

ht vista examination masses

During our test week from March 6 to 10, we offer pet owners the opportunity to get to know our new product HT Vista®, a non-invasive screening device for the examination of lumps and bumps in dogs, and to have their dog examined painlessly during our product training week. 

Together with veterinarians from HTVet we scan the affected areas of your dog with HT Vista® and, if necessary, recommend specialists for further measures.

Pet owners who would like to have their dog screened are welcome to register using the registration form. When registering, please indicate exactly where your dog has lumps or bumps. Your dog should be able to be handled and the affected areas must be clipped on site.

The event location is Täfernstrasse 11 in Baden-Dättwill.

The event is closed.