HT Vista® testimonial from a dog owner and journalist

ht vista scan vorgang

Journalist and author Birgitta Holenstein reports on how she had her dog Hazel examined with HT Vista®, the world's first non-invasive system for detecting skin tumors in dogs.

As a former street dog, Hazel loves being stroked and knows exactly how to get it. A few weeks ago, when I was cuddling her, I discovered a swelling on her shoulder. I looked carefully for injuries in this area, but no external influences were visible. Was it a tumor or a tick bite? When the swelling didn't go down, I started to worry.....

Hazel, is a former street dog who found her way to Switzerland through a chain of lucky circumstances.

You can order Hazel's story from Birgitta Holenstein, bgholenstein»at», and thus support the project to rescue street dogs in Mauritius...