HT Vista® in Switzerland


P12 Medical GmbH receives the exclusive right for the distribution of HT Vista® in Switzerland, the first system for an early diagnosis of masses in order to rule out cancer easily and safely!

Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director P12 Medical GmbH

With HTVet we were able to win an innovative partner who, with its novel Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) method and Artificial Intelligence, gives the veterinarian a new tool for decision support in cancer detection!

We can thus provide veterinarians in Switzerland with an important new technology to convince more pet owners to have their dogs examined in time. HT Vista® is a non-invasive, clean and safe procedure and usually does not require anesthesia.

We hope to help more dogs with HT Vista® and are excited to see further developments and expansion of the system for more species.”

HT Vista® will be available on the Swiss market from March 2023 at your veterinarian or clinic.